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The Oneness Perspective

It is my belief living happier and working happier is why you are here on this earth.  It is your duty, your obligation, and your mission to figure out what your gifts are and share them with the world.

I have noticed with my clients and myself; there tends to be two ways of looking at the world.

The Self-vs. Other Perspective:  In this perspective, we see ourselves as isolated, alone, scared and limited.  Our ego and our Fear Mongers rule this perspective.  We see ourselves as separate from everyone else.  In this perspective we live in comparison, judgment, competition, fear and basically ‘not good enough’ mode.

The Oneness Perspective:  In this perspective, there is no self and other.  We are all connected.  My energy and your energy come together for the higher good of the world.  Here we are all striving to be our best selves, grounded, connected and peaceful.  In this perspective, we live in love, joy, fulfillment, passion, and collaboration. This perspective is a space for sharing our gifts and building each other up to be our best.

When we live in the Self-vs-Other Perspective the message becomes to hold on to your gift, don’t share it with the world (unless you can make a lot of easy money off of it).  This perspective gets us so caught up in comparing ourselves and doubting ourselves that our gifts become muddied and lost.

When we live in the Oneness perspective, the message is you are unique and wonderful; of course, you should share your gift!  We can all learn and grown and become better human beings when we are living from our gifts.

Even as I write this blog, my body changes position when I write about the two perspectives.  I notice I become slouched and tight when I write about Self vs. Other.  I sit up straighter, and my shoulders expand out when I write about Oneness.  When we live from a competitive perspective, we feel tight, closed off and limited.  When we live from a united perspective, we feel open, free expansive.

So of course, we are going to live happier form the Oneness perspective.  So why don’t we just stay there?!?  Well, unfortunately, it is the human condition to be jumping from these two perspectives.

The key is in recognizing when you get caught up in the Self-vs-Other Perspective.  Awareness around when you are coming from a place of competition and comparison–how do you feel? What triggered the shift?  The next step, make a physical shift, take a walk, take three deep breaths, acknowledge the perspective and physically bring yourself back to a Oneness perspective.

There will be days you will repeat this cycle a hundred times.
There will be days you won’t even notice that you are stuck in Self-vs-Other
There will be days you will just wake up in Oneness and stay there all day.

The key is building awareness around what each of the perspectives feels like.  Then gradually moving out of Self-vs-Other and into Oneness, as often as you are aware.  The more often we live out of Oneness, the happier we are, and the more frequently we practice pulling ourselves into Oneness, the more often we will find ourselves there.

What does your Oneness perspective FEEL like?  What does your Self-vs-Other Perspective perspective FEEL like?

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