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The November 2014 Live Happier Daily Challenge



One of my favorite expressions is: a happier life is embracing the full range of emotions; to fully embrace both the sadness and the joy in life. Have you ever laughed at a funeral? Or cried at a wedding?

If there is one thing the trials and tribulations of life have taught me is that true joy comes in the little every day moments.  True happiness comes from my dog wagging her tail to greet me every morning, or from my nearest and dearest announcing that the coffee pot is cleaned out and ready to go.

Living Happier is a glass of wine on your back porch, or laughing so hard you might pee your pants.  These moments ALL happen while you are dealing with an aging parent, struggling with a painful divorce, anxiously watching your children pack up for college, or look for another job.  These moments happen all the time, whether we are struggling or not.  The challenge is we sometimes miss them.

Which is why a few years ago I started the Live Happier Daily Challenge.  It started as a practice for myself to embrace the little moments in my life, and it grew from there.

In preparation for the Thanksgiving Holiday, I thought November would be a great month for the Live Happier Daily Challenge, I am challenging you to Live Happier each day.

The rules are easy:

  • Each day share one thing via social media with the hash tag #LiveHappier that has helped you live happier that day. You can: take a picture, share a personal story, or share an inspiring quote – whatever you choose that illustrates how you are Living Happier.
  • You can share it on my Facebook Page:  Nancy Jane Smith Live Happier Facebook page and share your Living Happier Moment.**
  • OR share your moment via your favorite social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram)

**When you share your Live Happier Moment on the Live Happier Facebook Page you will be automatically added to the drawing for a FREE first edition copy of my new book This Stuff is Hard:  Making Peace with your Anxiety. Paperback version to be released mid-November. 

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