The New Year, Resolutions, Love and Floss…

The New Year, Resolutions, Love and Floss…

I am back.  After a wonderful, peaceful, joyful vacation I am back.  I didn’t even enter my office area during the past 2 weeks.  I soaked up time with friends and family, relaxed on the couch, caught up on sleep and just enjoyed myself.  This time was a good reminder to me of the need to decompress, the need to take time to pause and reflect on life and step off the treadmill from time to time.

So here we are in the new year, the new decade for that matter.  This is the time when we hear about resolutions, making changes, becoming better people.  I have to admit I am not a fan of resolutions.  Mostly because resolutions tend to force us to think that if only we have enough self control, enough strength and are just plan good enough we will become skinny, caffeine-free, alcohol-free, smoke-free, gym rats. And that just isn’t the case.  As one of my mentors says “all change is incremental, all change is incremental, all change is incremental” (He always repeats it three times in a big booming voice for greater impact).  I believe resolutions can be helpful in allowing us to notice what we need to change.  I think the danger comes in when we start beating ourselves up for not being able to dramatically become a different person over night.  It is my belief we need a little self love with our resolutions.

So while I am not a fan of resolutions in the traditional sense. I am a fan of checking-in, reflecting, and reassessing.  That is what the past 2 weeks have been for me.  Re-acquainting myself with my values, my needs, what I want to add or subtract from my life.  With that I came up with two quasi resolutions.  The first one is pretty basic and traditional.  I am going to floss.  Notice I didn’t say, “floss more” because right now I don’t floss at all.  So I am going to add flossing into my routine–keeping in mind I usually add this one every few years and it hasn’t stuck yet.  But after reading a couple of articles on flossing and inflammation I decided I will try it again not because I SHOULD floss but because I love myself enough to floss.

Secondly (and this is the one I really like) I am going to add more love into my life.  Not romantic love but love period.  Love for myself, love for my work, love for friends, love for family and love for people on the street.  As I have been thinking of my resolutions the words patience, space, happiness, relaxation, and joy kept popping into my head.  Those were things I wanted to add more into my life.  Finally I realized the word love pretty much encompasses all of those words.  So I made a little art project of it and wrote the word love out on a pieces of paper which are now hanging through my house.  Sounds a little hokey I know but I have found that when I write down and hang up the  changes I want to implement the changes actually happen–incrementally.  As I walk by the signs I put my hands over my heart and breathe in the word love and I just feel peaceful. It is a wonderful reminder to me that love is out there and it is possible to love more.

The key to resolutions and to any change really is that it takes time, it takes patience, it takes a plan and the space to mess up and try again.  As you reflect on your new year what is it you want to reassess?  What is it you want to add or subtract from your life?  In the coming year how are you going to Live Happier?

Happy New Year, my friends, I am glad to be back!!