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The Magic Button to Living Happier


This week I met a friend for a glass of wine. She is currently going through a tough time in her life. As we sipped our wine and she updated me on the latest in her story, she paused and said, “You know I am really doing ok. And it is because of your Live Happier teachings that I am weathering this storm so well.”

I smiled and deflected the compliment as I tend to do and she grabbed my hand and said “No, I mean it…this situation is so hard and difficult but I allow myself to be sad and scared and then I allow myself to be happy and see the little joys in my life. In the past I wouldn’t have been able to do that, I would have been pulled under by the depth and breadth of this challenge. Now I can give myself a break and practice empathy, self compassion.  I practice discernment, and speaking my needs and everything you teach. I have finally learned that their isn’t a right answer, the answer is inside of me and all I have to do is Trust Myself, Already. You taught me that.  You taught me to trust myself and it has been invaluable to me.”

And then I started crying…crying happy tears, because she has said this to me before, but this time I could really hear her and I realized I had helped her. Through my work, I had touched her life.

I realized later,  I needed to hear the message too.  The past year has been challenging for me…building the Loft, watching my Dad go down hill, dealing with my nearest and dearest’s health concerns, random family drama and just the day to day life stuff. There have been a lot of ups and downs. There have been days I have handled it swimmingly and days I have struggled. But my friend is right, 10 years ago this stuff would have taken me down, I wouldn’t have had the inner strength, curiosity and ability to speak up. 10 years ago I wouldn’t have Lived Happier through these challenges.

Because that is the message–Living Happier is about YOU.

You trusting yourself.

You having compassion.

You taking the time to silence those mongers, get quiet and make real heart felt decisions.

Living Happier isn’t about no pain, no suffering or the top 10 rules to achieve happiness. If there is one thing I would change about my industry it is the people telling me that they have the absolute answers to my problems. Too many coaches make their money pretending they have the absolute answers. In life, what I know for sure, there are very very few absolutes.

We all need help, we all need guidance, and we all need a loving reminder that we each have our own answers.

The answers lie within; sometimes we just need help figuring out how to access them.

Want some help in finding your Live Happier answers? Check out my website and together we can figure it out.

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