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The Live Happier Loft: A 6 Month Update


One reason blog post’s have been less frequent recently is that I have been working very hard behind the scenes to take my vision of the Live Happier Loft to the next level.

It has been quite a journey from the time I first had the idea in February of opening a comfortable space where I could offer both one-on-one coaching and teach classes.  Since opening the Loft…there have been moments of utter joy and moments of ‘what the hell was I thinking!?!?!’. The highs and lows have been challenging but I have consistently held my vision for what I want the space to be (see below).  I truly believe…because I have experienced it a few times in my life…when you genuinely show up for what you your heart desires and keep showing up no matter how many times you are knocked down the universe conspires with you.  Not in your timeframe, maybe not even in your exact vision, but there is a conspiracy. Throughout the past 6 months the book I needed to read, the show I needed to watch or the person I needed to meet all showed up exactly when I needed them.  I don’t think that those things didn’t show up in the past. I think they did, I just missed them.  In the past I would have resisted the help, advice or guidance. I would have let my ego get in the way.  I would have refused to ask for help, share that I was struggling or express the deep felt desire. But the dream of the Live Happier Loft is honestly (and I know it sounds hokey, so bare with me) bigger than me.  It is something I feel drawn to do so strongly I can’t imagine not doing it.  And because of that I am so excited to say…we are taking it to the next level.

So given all of that, what is this next level I speak of??  Well I am absolutely THRILLED to announced the addition of The Live Happier Faculty to the Loft.   This is a group of amazing, intelligent, genuine light hearted women who are experts in their fields.  Check out their bio’s here. 

Each of the women who have so graciously joined the Live Happier Faculty not only share my vision but have their own wonderfully strong visions for their own gifts and expertise. So we are creating not only an amazing space at the Loft but we are supporting each other in our own visions and dreams.

It is going to be an incredible 2015…I hope you will join us at the loft as well. And together we can all Live Happier!!

The Live Happier Loft is a place…

to be yourself and discuss topics such as setting healthy boundaries, dealing with Mongers, facing fears and Living a Happier Life.

to learn how to make mediation fun and mindfulness an every day part of your life.

to let your hair down, enjoy good coffee, the occasional glass of wine and plush comfortable chairs.

to feel pampered and special.

where everyone is welcome

where creativity is encouraged

where you have the room to be on your own journey, make your own mistakes and have your own ah ha’s

a salon for the soul.


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