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The Live Happier Daily Challenge

How do you Live Happier each day? 

 I have been thinking about that question a lot lately.  I believe Living Happier is a daily choice.

Each day we make a choice to live a life with

  • Intention
  • Wonder
  • Love
  • Laughter
  • Adventure
  • Gratitude
  • Courage
  • Meaning

To live our lives fully engaged and present to whatever happens, each and every day.

It is hard, it takes patience and support and it is SO worth it.

As a way to get inspiration, support and encouragement:

Today I am starting the Live Happier Daily Challenge!!!

The challenge is simple:

  • Each day share one thing that has helped you live happier that day.
  • You can: take a picture, share a personal story, share an inspiring quote  whatever you chose that illustrates how you are Living Happier Each Day.
  • Go to the Nancy Jane Smith Live Happier Facebook page and share your Living Happier Moment.
I am so excited about this challenge I created the video above to share my Living Happier Journey!!


When you share your Live Happier Moment you will be automatically added to the drawing for a FREE copy of my upcoming Live Happier e-course!!


Join me in the Live Happier Daily Challenge–be intentional, be supported, be happier!!!

Head on over now and share how you are Living Happier today!!


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