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The Emotions of Valentines Day–and a SPECIAL OFFER

Happy Valentine’s Day.  I don’t think there is a holiday that has more emotions (and their for opinions) then this one.  Mention this holiday to any random person and you will immediately get their thoughts.  It seems that what people hate most about this holiday is that it someone high above is telling us how to feel.

Someone (ok, you can argue, Hallmark, Jared, 1-800 Flowers) is telling us to buy stuff for our loved ones or telling us we should feel crappy and sad if we don’t have a special someone to buy stuff for.  Regardless, some say, the message is coming from outside of ourselves and then you hear whispers of commercialism and the MAN bringing us down.

However, as much as I agree that this holiday encourages commercialism and makes us believe love should be ideal and romantic.  As much as it begins with high expectations and ends with disappointment.  The spirit of the holiday is wonderfully amazing to celebrate Love.  To celebrate love in all its forms the love we have for a special someone and the love we have for our friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances.  The fact that love exists at all is a miracle.  And with the joy of love comes the pain, the bitterness the sadness of not having as much love as we might want in our lives.  With one unfortunately comes the other.  Maybe not in major swings but they both exist, when you love someone or something you also run the risk of losing it.  That is the beauty of this holiday…celebrating the vulnerability that is life.

But I am a career counselor, why am I going off about LOVE?  Because I think love is the crux of all we do.  When we have love in everything in our lives we are happier.  When we love our work, love our partners, love our activities we are happier, more joyful, more intentional, more inspired human beings.

SO… (drum roll please…)

in honor of this highly emotional, celebrating love holiday I am running a Find the Work You Love Valentine’s Day Special

From now through February 29th, 2012  new clients can take advantage of the What Comes Next Package at half off.   So what would have cost you $250 for 2 sessions will now only be $125!!!

Check out my website for more information or just sign up here (click on the Find the work You love link)

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