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Taking a Risk–Making a List

I admit, I am BIG fan of chick-lit.  One of my favorite self care activities is to crawl into bed with my cat nestled up next to me and read chick-lit.  Side note: When I am doing that I always think of Iyanla Vanzant who said, one of  her favorite self care activities was to lie on her bed, bra off, watching reruns of Law and Order–she showed me self care can be whatever you want as long as it feeds your soul.

So last night I got the special thrill of starting a new book called–The Next Thing on My List by Jill Smolinski.  The premise of the book is that the main character, June was in a car accident which killed her passenger, Marissa, whom she just met.  In the car wreckage, June found a list Marissa had made of the 25 things she wanted to do before she turned 25.  As a tribute and to relieve her own guilt June decides to complete the list.

While I was reading, I started thinking about this concept.  It spoke to me because it wasn’t a somedays list–the list wasn’t a crazy, might only happen in my wildest dreams, if the planets align and I win the lottery list. It consisted of activities that would push me (just a little bit) out of my comfort zone.  In the book, some of the activities were:  Wear sexy shoes, show my brother how grateful I am for him, take mom and grandma to see Wayne Newton, kiss a stranger.  In the book, Marissa had just lost 100 lbs after being overweight her whole life so her list was very much about experiencing a more sensual side of life.
So last night I got out of bed and started brainstorming the 25 things I wanted to complete before I turn 40.

What I love about this activity is it challenged me to think out of the box, to think of what I wanted to accomplish over the next few years.  To look at life in broad sweeping strokes as an adventure where anything was possible.  But also because I have a limited timeframe–the list is realistic and speaks to who I am and what I value right now.  I am a big believer that taking risks (even small ones) and being open to adventure helps us Live Happier.  When we stretch ourselves we get to experience our full potential, we get the thrill of trying something new and the excitement of pushing ourselves. Life is about experiences, it is my belief the more we experience in our lives the more we can live happier.  The magic is these experience can range from reading a good book curled up in bed, to sky diving.

My challenge for you today is just to think about what your list would include.  Pick a date in the future and just brainstorm some ideas for the activities/events you want to experience over the next few years.  

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