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Taking a Little Me Time

This past Sunday I took a “day of me”.  The only rule for the day was that I could only do what I WANTED to do.   So I slept in until my eyes popped open, took the dog for a walk enjoying the bright blue September sky, watched a movie with my nearest and dearest and spent the rest of the afternoon watching Sex and the City DVDs and cat napping. I turned off all electronic devices and just hung with myself. It was glorious.  It was amazing. It was MUCH NEEDED.

Last week I noticed I was exhausted, we had been doing a lot of traveling and ‘running around’ lately and I was in much need of a break.
You know the feeling:
  • you are tired but when you lay down to sleep your brain is spinning too much to make it happen.
  • when you do sleep your unconscious is so busy deciphering your hectic life that it fills your sleep with crazy dreams.
  • you have a feeling of just surviving, just getting things done and basically being a zombie in your  life.
  • you dream of taking a vacation alone–long days of nothingness ahead of you.
  • you have a hard time coming up with words or having a coherent meaningful conversation.
For me that last one was what did me in, finally after the 3rd try at discussing something of meaning to my with my husband I said to him I am done I need a break. So I took Sunday off;  totally and completely.

So here’s the thing.  I am a big believer in Me Days but more so I am a big believer in Me Minutes or Me Hours. This time, I let it go TOO long. I let self care take a back burner for too many weeks and months and so I ended up well past where a high functioning, ‘I value myself’ individual should be.  I am not beating myself up for that.  However, I am confessing it here as a cautionary tale for you so you don’t let yourself get too far behind on your Me Time.

Me Time is essential, whether it be listening to your favorite podcast while cooking your favorite meal, enjoying a glass of your favorite beverage while sitting on the porch, watching a great movie (without your computer, iphone, ipad or other electronic distraction), taking a walk, sleeping in, taking a nap.  Whatever allows you to decompress, relax, check in and re-center.  We are only our best selves when we are truly connected with ourselves.

Me Time doesn’t have to be a full day.  The only rules I have for Me Time are:
  • No shoulds. (sometimes I have the tendency to think Me Time has to be full of meditation and spiritual practice–sometimes a good mindless TV show can serve us just as well)
  • Do what you WANT to be doing.
  • Fully embrace the time.  Even if you only have 30 minutes–remind yourself this is ME TIME. A relish every single minute of it!!
How do you like to spend your Me Time?

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