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Tag Archives: Rituals

Just Breathe

Today’s challenge is an easy one.  So easy you might be tempted to skip right over this post (Don’t leave!  I promise you will be amazed). Today we are going back to basics.  Today we are talking about breathing.  I can hear your mind spinning as I type,  ‘”Believe me, I know all about breathing,… Continue Reading

Little Rituals Lead to Big Changes

Got Stress?  We all do.  We all have too much to get done in not enough time.   Having the belief that we can do it all, handle it all without any awareness of our selves is a recipe for disaster. We need to build more awareness around ourselves and our stress triggers.  One of… Continue Reading

A Yay for the Day

For those of us who struggle with the “doing it right” disease (yep, I said us because I too struggle with getting it right), it is important to have small celebrations to acknowledge the victories for the day (however small).  Especially for those of us who are moving through a transition, trying something new, making… Continue Reading

Tending to your Life Garden

Today we are going back to basics.  Starting at the beginning.  Bottom line, no matter what transition you are going through in your life (either by choice or chance) to get through it in a happier way,  you need to be monitoring your energy. So today’s question is:  How do you spend your energy or… Continue Reading