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Does it REALLY Matter?

Does it really matter?  It is honestly one of my favorite questions. As someone who struggles with perfectionism, anxiety and ‘doing it right’ this question keeps me grounded.  It keeps me from getting too caught up in the race, the ‘keeping up with the Jones’ mentality and the belief that there is only one way.… Continue Reading

There is no Perfect Plan….Just Leap

Recently I was talking to a client about going after a big dream.  She started out the session saying with authority, “I have decided to become an (enter fabulous career here).”  We proceeded to talk about what that means and the fact that the career she chose fit her well and gave her a lot… Continue Reading

Life’s Competitions…Making the Perfect Sandwich

The other day I was making lunch, just a simple turkey sandwich. I realized half way through the process that the act of making a sandwich had become totally anxiety provoking.  Not because making a sandwich is hard or challenging but because I found myself having to do it RIGHT.  How do you make a… Continue Reading