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Stopping Overwhelm


Busy, Busy Busy.  We are all extremely busy.  The feeling of overwhelm seems to be something a lot people I know are dealing with. Keeping schedules straight, remembering all the little things and just having a life seem to cause a major energy drain.  I wanted to write a few tips i have (and some I need to pay attention to myself) on dealing with overwhelm.

Do an energy inventory.  Click here to receive a copy of the How Full is Your Glass Energy Inventory. How much of your time are you spending doing activities that drain you?  How much of you time are you spending doing activities you think you should do?

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by positive events.  e.g. starting a new job, having a baby, moving, remodeling etc.  Change can be a major energy adder and a major energy drain.  Even if your life is packed with positive changes…they can be draining.  So make sure you take time to add in activities that purely fill you up.  Take a night to read a good book, go out with friends, veg on the couch, plan a dance party, take a walk around the block, do yoga. Whatever small activities you can add into the day to re-fill your energy glass is helpful.

Beware of the Shoulds. One of the biggest energy drains I know are the activities we think we SHOULD be doing or that we HAVE to do them because so and so said it.  For perfectionists and people pleasers especially this behavior is common because we want to make others happy and don’t always think that there might be another way.  When you find one of these activities ask yourself, “what would happen if I didn’t do this activity?” or “Can I brainstorm a way around this activity?”  Frequently the story that we have built up in our head of the sky falling or us being a terrible person isn’t really true.

Be honest. You can’t do it all.  So figure out what you need and ask for it.  Too often we are so busy running from one thing to another don’t take the time to pause and figure out where we could be getting some help.  Take the time to reflect and pause and see where you could say no and where you could be asking for something to make life easier.

Take Control. Only you can manage your energy flow.  Other people aren’t going to do it for you (such a bummer, I know). You need to take active control in how you are managing your energy eg. saying no, speaking up, setting boundaries, and filling your time with activities that add energy.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  How do you manage your energy?  What do you struggle with the most when it comes to energy management?


My offices have moved and I am excited to say I am officially in the Live Happier Loft 939 W. Third Avenue Columbus, Ohio 43212.  I will be offering one-on one counseling as well as groups and classes.  Very excited for this next chapter in my business.

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