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Stepping Out of My Box

Today begins my vacation (don’t worry I will keep to my 3 blogs a week commitment–even on vacation)–I love all types of vacation, but this is a traveling vacation, a different adventure each day vacation, stay in a different spot, experience new ideas and basically just get out of my comfort zone.  It is the first time my nearest and dearest and I have done this type of vacation, usually we do the go and sit on the beach type of vacation (which I love as well) so it should be interesting.  This travel vacation also includes camping–we are headed to the The Gorge in Washington for the DMB Caravan tour—both experiences are new to me camping and music festivals.  I have to admit I have a lot of anxiety around this vacation. Traveling with my new husband, camping for the first time in 20 years and basically roughing it for 3 days.

Many of my friends have said, “are you crazy?” “why are you voluntarily headed to camp for 3 days in a field full of strangers?” “Camping isn’t your thing” And they are right,   I mean I am a 4 star, 500 thread count, plump pillows, concierge type of girl.  But that is not all I am, I am also a outdoor loving, country raised, mild adventure seeker girl.  Now admittedly the outdoor loving part of me is not as prominent or well developed. I can remember saying to friends that I wanted a guy who enjoyed outdoor activities because then I would have someone to engage in those activities with.  And then I found my nearest and dearest who does enjoy camping, kayaking, surfing, hiking and just getting dirty.

So over the past few weeks I have been struggling with picking an identity–am I camper girl or 4 star hotel girl and then I realized why do I have to pick?  Part of the fun and richness from life comes from getting out of our boxes and labels and experiencing different sides of ourselves.  It is when we get stuck in our labels either by ourselves or by those around us that we get in trouble.  When we have the mentality that “I can’t do that because that doesn’t fit me” we aren’t living life to it’s full potential.  So I am headed on my vacation–my 4 star hotel, bed and breakfast, camping in a field with limited showers, fancy dining, eating cereal for dinner vacation!! And I am going to embrace every wonderful, nuanced aspect of it!!

So this week surprise yourself, surprise those close to you and take a risk, try something new and different, get out of your box.  I’ll let you know how my box escape goes when I get back….

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