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So What Do You Do??

Photo Credit: mamakimberly

For as long as I have had my private practice, I have struggled with answering the ‘what do you do?’ question.  Last week I attended a training by Tara Gentile–in it she posed a different version of the question (that I liked better). It was:  how do you make your clients financially, emotionally, creatively, relationally or intellectually richer? Today’s blog post is devoted to answering that question.

Bottom line:  It’s not just about Career Change Counseling.  I believe I make people’s lives richer by helping them notice what the energy drains are in their lives, build stronger more connected relationships and live a life that is intentional and grounded in values and beliefs. From this place they can find a career the love and more importantly a life they love.

  • I help clients look at their lives as a whole and from that global perspective determine what they want to change, add or discard from their lives.  
  • I help clients spend less time spinning their wheels and concentrating on things that ‘don’t matter to them’.  
  • I help clients get clear on what does matter, how they want to spend their time and what they need to do differently in order to make their ideal life come true.  
  • I help them remember what it felt like to believe in dreams and possibility and help them believe in themselves that dreams are possible (with a lot of hard work and intentionality)
  • I help clients implement tools and tips for when they get stuck (because they inevitably will) I help them recognize that taking a step back isn’t the end of the earth but part of the process. And the trick is basically catching yourself when you do go backwards or sideways or basically veer off the path.  
  • I help figure out how to achieve their dreams within the confines of their financial situation, and/or lifestyle. 
  • I help clients notice, unhook and move beyond the fear monger.

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