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Well, I have returned from South Africa–such a fabulous trip full of life lessons which I plan on sharing here over the next few weeks.

When I left on the trip, I said to a friend of mine that I wanted this trip to be life changing–she then said to me “What would you want to change about your life?” At the time I couldn’t come up with a response, and I decided I would take that question with me to South Africa. Within the first few nights, I realized the thing I wanted to change the most was worrying about stupid meaningless stuff.

Throughout my trip, I was frequently reminded of the movie Grand Canyon. In the movie, Danny Glover is telling Kevin Kline about his visit to the Grand Canyon and the fact that he felt because the rocks had been there for millions of years they were laughing at him and all his problems. He shared how it helped him put his life in perspective–as he said, “Made him realize in the spectrum of the whole world his life was small, as small as a gnat on the back of a cow when you are driving by at 60 mph.”

I love that quote, and frequently when I am feeling overwhelmed by my life, I think about it. It kept coming to me as we drove through complete poverty in many areas, or as we witnessed the ocean and the mountains. In that place and time, I was able to concentrate on what mattered to me. Does it matter if I miss a workout, it is it critical if I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning, will my life be dramatically altered if I have no plans on a Friday night?

Perspective is an amazing thing. Looking at your life and figuring out “what matters here”? How much time do I waste spinning out on the stuff that doesn’t matter….it is a life changing realization.

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