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A Personal Growth Heads Up: Don’t Miss Your Life.

Happiness is all the little things.

I wanted to pause from the regularly scheduled blog posts to throw out a personal growth heads us.  A friendly reminder that you are ok just as you are. In my world of personal development and growth, I want to from time to time pause and share lovingly, that you are perfectly wonderful right now, even if you never changed or grew again.  Growth is awesome. Wanting to improve is a fabulous and a worthy goal.  AND those of us on the self-improvement train need to be reminded that right now, this moment, this very breath: THIS IS YOUR LIFE.

I see it in my clients, and I have been guilty of it myself…being, so hell bent on improving ourselves and in essence our lives that we miss our lives.  We miss the right now.

The messy house filled with laughter.

The tears shed in the arms of a loving friend.

The exhaustion at the days end met with the unconditional love of a dog at our feet.

The sticky fingered child wanting to give us a jelly covered kiss.

These small little miracles make up the joy of living.

Yes, keeping our mongers in check, building awareness of our anxiety patterns and learning how to speak our needs are key to living happier.  But please, don’t get so caught up in your patterns and your ‘things to improve’ that you miss the everyday miracles that are happening in the process.  Just wanted to give you a personal growth heads up 🙂 Next week back to originally scheduled programming…

For another perspective on the timing in your life–check out the video below.  If you are reading this via email, click here to watch.


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