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Part 1: 12 Practical Ways to Reduce Anxiety


Anxiety, Stress Overwhelm…(whatever your name for the constant need to “go go go”)it is driving you crazy, affecting not only your physical health but your personal life, work life and your overall happiness.

Common signs of this issue:

  • Constantly checking your todo list
  • The feeling of unworthiness
  • Checking and double checking everything
  • Always on the go, always something to do “busy, busy, busy”
  • Trouble Relaxing even when you have set aside time to relax
  • Frequent physical symptoms: Racing heart, headaches, stomach aches, or insomnia (to name a few)

Today I am starting my three part series on easing anxiety. You don’t have to live this way!!!  Anxiety can be reduced–I promise,  I practice these principles and teach them to my clients.  If you practice them you too can decrease your anxiety!

Build Awareness:

#1 way to ease anxiety…notice it is happening. If you aren’t aware that you are feeling anxious then you won’t ever be able to change the behavior. For the next week or so just notice how often you find yourself exhibiting one of the above symptoms.  Make a note of it and move on. No judgment. No change in behavior just awareness.  If you are comfortable, invite family and friends to chime in too.  Ask them to lovingly tell you when they notice you acting anxious.

Be Curious:

Ask yourself what is really going on.  What are you FEELING?  A lot of times those of us with anxiety are ‘hopping’ ourselves up in an effort to avoid something else. For example, you might be scared because your husband might be losing your job so you throw yourself into your to-do list making sure to get everything done in record speed.  Rather than deal with the fear you hop yourself up into an anxiety state.  Yes, your husband losing his job is anxiety provoking…AND checking everything off your to-do list in record time won’t help him keep his job, in fact it will just make you more miserable. Slowing down and recognizing that you are scared and giving yourself some understanding and compassion around that won’t help him either, but it will help you feel better in the moment.

3 Deep Breaths:

Throughout the day, take 3 deep breaths.  I encourage clients to make a ritual breathing. Anytime you are at a stop light, take 3 deep breaths. Anytime you hang up the phone at work, take 3 deep breaths.  Anytime you get in the car, take 3 deep breaths.  Anytime you recognize you are anxious, take 3 deep breaths.  By developing rituals around breathing–you will breathe more often therefore reducing anxiety overall. A meditation practice is another great way to reduce anxiety.  Check out my unique suggestions for mediating.

Move Your Body:

A regular exercise routine allows a natural release of your anxiety.  It doesn’t have to be super intense: dancing in the living room, a walk after dinner, or a yoga practice whatever inspires you to move.  Movement not only releases the anxiety, it also grounds you in your body.  Anxiety forces you into your head and by moving your body you get out of your head therefore decreasing the lasting affects of anxiety.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  Do you suffer from anxiety? What makes you the most anxious?  What do you do to control your anxiety?

Want more information about reducing anxiety?  Make sure to read parts 1 and 2.  You can also contact me and we can determine the best way to work together to reduce your reactivity to life and start living happier!!

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