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Others would describe you as kind and generous. Always willing to say yes and go the extra mile. But you know the dirty little secret: inside you are exhausted, worn out and some days just plain seething. Frustrated at your spouse, annoyed with your kids and at any minute you are “this close to losing it.” and you are not sure why.

You wake up every day and tell yourself that you aren’t doing this today. You are going to stay calm when your co-worker isn’t prepared for the meeting (yet again) or when your husband asks what’s for dinner and you lose it and are never sure why.

Trust me. I totally get it.

This 4-day course can help you go from feeling like you are this close to losing it to feeling completely in control in your life.

  • You wake up each day feeling in control and taken seriously in your life.
  • Your to-do list is filled with activities YOU care about, and you accomplish tasks rather having all of your intentions sabotaged by perfectionism and procrastination.
  • You are comfortable saying no, and you aren’t living in fear of disappointing people.
  • You end the day feeling happier rather than ready to throw something.
Right now, It feels like a never ending cycle.

You lose it, you vow from now on that will never happen again, and you will start being more grateful/positive in your life. And the next day you lose it again only this time you beat yourself up for not being better at implementing the ‘think positive’ strategies you have studied for so long. And your fuse gets shorter and shorter.

You can’t think your way out of this  You can’t will yourself to be happier.

Wouldn’t it be nice to:
  • be able to handle a miscommunication from your spouse without it turning into world war III
  • know a change in schedule doesn’t mean your whole world will fall apart
  • feel like the world is on your shoulders
  • not feel so freakin’ responsible for EVERYTHING.
  • be confident that you will be ok with whatever comes your way

This 4-day e-course is not another system or planner. This is a strategy for seeing your life differently so that you can go a day without feeling so overwhelmed you might lose it. So you aren’t constantly chasing happiness, but actively cultivating it.

You DESERVE to feel good and have a life that doesn’t make you feel crazy; you just have to learn how. I created this so you can start now.

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