On Living with Passion

On Living with Passion

Yesterday, I decided to put together a brief survey to see what you, my lovely tribe is thinking and how I could best serve you.  I sent it out via my newsletter and have started getting preliminary results in over the past 24 hours.  I have glanced over the results–still hoping to get more feedback–but have been surprised to see that the number one topic my clients want to see more is about living with passion.  With a close second being life balanced.  

So last night I was laying in bed thinking what does it mean to live with Passion?  What does a passionate life look like?  I am sure for each of us that question would be answered very differently.  But for me, living with passion means to be fully engaged: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  To not shrink back from life, to not become complacent or zombie’esque.  To truly embrace life both it’s joy and it’s sorrow.

There was a time I would have thought a passionate life meant one of mystic and adventure.  A life filled with danger and excitement with lots of travel and zest.  As I have gotten older, I realize, true passion comes with depth and vulnerability.  Passion comes from intentionality and awareness.

Passion is not for the weak of heart, not because it is adventurous and mystical.  But because it requires, tuning in, staying engaged, and stepping up.  Passion comes in the day to day.  Passion comes through gratitude and acknowledgement.  Passion comes from knowing when to dig deeper and when to let go.

I can look around at my life and see examples of passion. Moments of time when I am fully alive, fully engaged.  Moments such as last week when my nearest and dearest treated me to a massage and then I was able to spend the rest of the afternoon reading on the back porch.  Or standing next to those close to me who are struggling with health issues, fighting for them and with them to improve their quality of life. Passion even comes in my monthly book club (wine club) where a group of strong independent women, share their fears and vulnerabilities as well as their joys and victories!!  Passion can be found in all areas of life.

I want to hear from you:  what is your definition of passion?  What do you feel passionate about?  How would you know that your life has passion in it?

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Photo Credit:  EvelynGiggles