My AWOL Iphone.

My AWOL Iphone.

Photo Credit: RenaissanceChambara

Over the weekend I decided to stop using my iPhone.  The true confession is there are few things in the world I love more than my iPhone.  I know that sounds pathetic…which is one reason I decided to get rid of it.  But when it comes to possessions, things I owned, used and enjoyed I would have placed my iPhone at the top of the list.  If you knew me you knew my iPhone–it was like an appendage.  So when my iPhone went AWOL at the Dave Matthews Band concert I was surprised by my reaction.  I didn’t  freak out (ok I did freak out a little but I didn’t totally lose it) I remained calm and collected and quickly moved to acceptance.

In reality, although I said I loved my phone I really had a love hate relationship with it. I loved it’s technology, being connected all the time, the many apps that I found useful.  But I didn’t like that I frequently used it as an excuse to check out of social situations, I would find myself on my iPhone rather than talking to my nearest and dearest or interacting with friends.  I thought I NEEDED to be connected all the time and then realized how much I resented being connected.  But I admit I never would have thought to let it go myself.  Until it went AWOL…maybe my iPhone knew it was time to move on, time for me to grow, time to see what life is like not quite as connected.  So now I have a regular cell phone (I didn’t go completely unconnected!!) and I have to say it has been amazingly fabulous!!  I have been more present, less anxious, and more grounded.  I never realized how much I had begun to resent my phone.

Which got me thinking how many other areas of my life could be simplified?  How many patterns/habits/toys do we just keep around even though they aren’t serving us anymore? So often we keep plugging along…doing what we always have done even if it doesn’t give us joy anymore.  My iPhone example is a small, yet life changing example.  I am amazed at how much it ruled my life…something so small…something so insignificant…something that if you asked me a month ago I would have said was a necessary tool in my life.  And now I realize…not so much is it serving me, in fact it was hurting me, causing anxiety, guilt, and frustration.

What about you? What are the things, jobs, people, hobbies that you loved at one time and now might be causing your more frustration then joy?