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My 2013 Mantra “I AM ENOUGH”

Happy New Year.  I am coming off of a 2 week blog-cation which included an ugly bout with the flu (still have the cough to prove it) and a lot of festivities with family and friends.  Life is just now settling down and I am excited to get back into routine and ‘normal’ (whatever that means) again.

I promised back in 2012 that I would be posting today to discuss the transforming your Wish list into your intentions for the new year.  And I promise, I will get to that in a later blog post.

But today I wanted to be a little more transparent; I have been struggling a bit with the new year, resolutions, intentions and dreams.  I have been reading Facebook and blogs crammed with hopes and desires for 2013.  People dreaming big and sharing their intentions and resolutions and I am oddly struck with nothingness.

I keep asking myself what do I REALLY want for 2013?  I keep telling myself I need to have a vision, I need to have a dream, a plan, know what I want to FEEL like or what I want my year to be.  I am the Live Happier girl after all, I need to have some intentions for my new year. And I am struck with nothing.

To be perfectly honest, 2013 looks to be a year of transition, a year of watching my dad continue to struggle with Parkinsons and Dementia, a year of watching my mom become a full time caregiver, a year of watching my family system continue to shift and move, a year of dealing with my own health concerns and shifting decades.  In summary, a year of pain and sadness.

And yet, I know there will be joy in this year.  Moments of laughter and gratitude.  Pieces and pockets of smiling and success.  But mostly I feel it will be a year of change and challenge.  And I know that is ok.  Dreams, goals, resolutions don’t have to be named. There are years of big dreams and clear pathways and years of shuffling around in the dark for the right way.  The BIG VISION might open itself in small, stepping stones of awareness.

And yet, I  confess, small stepping stones and baby steps are not necessarily my strong suit.  As my nearest and dearest pointed out to me I am always on to the next thing—I wrote an e-course now I need to write a book.  I was on TV twice in the past 2 months now I need to do something more.  I built up my business and now I need to build it more.  MORE MORE MORE.

But at some point I have to say ENOUGH.


So, I want you to pause.  Take a deep breathe and say it with me:  I AM ENOUGH.

Right now.

In this moment and always.

I have to ask: what if we are ok as we are?  What if we won’t be happier in 2013 just by losing weight, making more money or taking more vacations? What if it is deeper than that? Smaller than that?  More intentional than that?

What if big sweeping changes aren’t the answer?  What if it is small, little intentional change that helps us live happier?

Regardless if 2013 is a year of big vision and clear pathways or small stepping stones along dimly lit corridors, in order to Live Happier in 2013 we need to remember that we are enough right now.

When we know we are enough we can move forward with intention not with grasping of the next idea, thing or concept that will make us better, but with knowing that we are just adding to what is already enough.

Here’s to 2013 may it be filled with lessons, joy, laughter, and change.  May you recognize that regardless of what your new year brings (intentioned or otherwise) you are ENOUGH.

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