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My 2011 Wish List

So earlier this week I posted about Creating Your Wish List.  I talked about getting in the Holiday Spirit (no matter what your tradition, this time of year for most of us is a time of miracles, magic and wonder) and writing down all the items you wish for right now. Practical, impractical, physical or imaginary.  The key is to write them down.

I have to admit this was a more challenging and more fun task than I thought it would be.  I have spent a lot of time thinking on what I would want, pondering my list in the shower, in the car and even yesterday as I was getting a massage.  It has been a rewarding assignment–a way to look at my life differently–to stop myself from saying “no you can’t have that” to allowing myself to just dream.

So here it goes:

  1. A Cure for Parkinson’s Disease, Cancer and Epilepsy–3 conditions that have changed the lives of myself and  those close to me.
  2. Continued Good Health for myself:  This year has made me appreciate my health more than any other year and I wish that it continue.
  3. The Ability to Eat WHATEVER and Not Hurt my Health.  I love food.  In order for me to maintain my weight and my health, I need to monitor my food intake and quite honestly…it gets old.
  4. Compassion.  I think compassion would solve a lot of the world’s ills.  It is the key to peace, happiness and joy.  If I could have a little more self compassion my life would be a better place.  If everyone could have a little more compassion for themselves and their fellow man, the world would be a better place.
  5. Travel.  I have traveled a lot in my life but there is a lot more I want to see: Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Brazil, Ireland (just to name a few).
  6. My own private jet and someone to take care of it and fly it.  To get to above places a lot easier.
  7. A Maid. I hate cleaning my house–so to have someone take care of that for me—would be awesome.
  8. New Sheets Every 6 months.  Nothing is as amazing as new sheets.
  9. Consistent Supply of Quality Books.  I love reading, but have a hard time finding good books so to have that supplied to me would be wonderful!
  10. Intentional Living.  I wish everyone had the chance to live a life that is intentional.  If everyone could life with intention, we would all be taking steps to live and work happier.

>Now it’s your turn,  as my nearest and dearest said…Nancy’s North Pole is open…time to share your wishes and dreams. What do you have on your Wish List (remember it can be 2 items or 2000 items)

As someone who doesn’t always write stuff down and take time to fully engage in activities such as this one—I REALLY encourage you to take some time, think it over and commit it to paper.  Feel free to share some (or all of your) wishes below in the comments, I would love to hear what you are wishing for this year.

This is my last post of 2011—I am going to take the next 2 weeks off from blogging to spend time with family and friends and enjoy the holiday season.  I hope you have a wonderful holiday whatever your traditions might be!!  See you in 2012.

Photo Credit: stevendepolo

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