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Missing the Boat.

As I have said in the past,  I am a big fan of stories. Here is one of my favorites:

There was a man who lived by the river in a small town, he had heard a warning on the radio that the town was going to flood and everyone needed to evacuate.  But the man stayed in his house knowing God would save him.  Soon a small boat rowed up and offered to help him, but he sent the man away, knowing God would save him.   Next, a helicopter flew by and offered to throw down a ladder, but the man again sent the helicopter away knowing God would save him.  Eventually the water overtook the man’s house and he drowned.  When he got to heaven, he demanded an audience with God, he said to God “I believed, I waited, I thought you loved me, why didn’t you save me?” God replied, I sent you a radio report, a boat and a guy in a helicopter, what the hell are you doing here?”
I tell this story not to have a debate on religion, but because I think it is applicable whether you are religious or not.  Because it illustrates well, how often we miss the opportunities in our lives because we are looking elsewhere.  We miss the little joys or even the big breaks because we are too busy looking ahead, or thinking what if or just sitting around doing nothing.  Life rarely works out the way we think it is going too and changes rarely happen in monumental shifts.  But all day every day there are small miracles happening, small little events that can dramatically effect our lives.  We may, like the man by the river, want a grand miracle or a giant gesture and so we miss the little tiny events that could cause giant shifts.  We miss the helpful hints, the words of encouragement, and the small signs of support.
So today pay attention to the little miracles and the small opportunities that are happening in your life.

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