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Living with Passion: Somedays

One of the keys to living a life of passion is to look at your ‘Somedays.’  Somedays are the daydreams you have when you are sitting in a meeting that has gone on too long, or you are on vacation and have the freedom to “dream big.” Examples could be backpacking around Europe,  living on a desert island, owning a bed and breakfast, having five kids, etc.  If it is a Someday, then we don’t have to do it there is no real accountability, so it allows us just to let our hearts wander. When we talk about Someday, it is safe, and it gives us room to dream.

These Somedays hold clues to our passion to what our soul desires.  For example, if we say travel to Europe what is intriguing about that—having time to lounge, having an adventure, seeing the history of Europe, the romance?  Looking deeper at our dreams for Someday gives us clues to a deeper passion that we can add to our lives now.   Maybe your Someday is living on a deserted island.  Ask yourself: What is intriguing about that? Maybe being alone (if we are surrounded by demands, or people all day) or being in the sun and warmth, or having no responsibilities. So maybe in the present, you can add more ‘time alone’, or plan a warm vacation or give yourself a day of freedom with ‘no shoulds,’ no to-do list just a day of flow.

A client of mine completed this exercise, and after looking deeply at her Somedays, she realized that they all had the theme of being alone, having no responsibilities.  She realized that she was bogged down by responsibilities and was always with people.  What her heart was telling her through the Somedays exercise was that she needed a break alone with no responsibilities.  She couldn’t run away from home to backpack around Europe (which was the actual Someday), so she decided to implement 2 hours every weekend that was her time to do whatever she wanted.  Her husband had the kids, and she was able to play.  Eventually, she began adding more time throughout the week that was just hers, and she began to feel more passionately about her life.

So write down your Somedays and then dig down for the real need for which your heart is asking.  Why do I want to do this?  What about this Someday is appealing? Then start brainstorming how you can add the real need to your everyday life while still planning for the Someday!!!

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