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Living with Intent Can Change the World

Recently someone asked me what is one change you would like to see in the world–immediately I thought I want people to be more intentional about their lives.  I believe with intention comes happiness.  When we are living with intention, we will, by default, be happier.

So what is intention?  Intention means we have an internal resolution, goal or aim.  According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to act with intent means “to act with deliberateness”,  When we live our lives with intent, being deliberate, having an aim purpose or objective…we are happier.  Too often we are living unconsciously and mindlessly.  We are in effect ‘going through the motions of life’.  We are working at the job we ‘should’ be at, a job that ‘looks good’ or even a job we fell in to that we still ‘kind of like’ but not really.  We are engaging in activities we used to like but have grown tired and weary of them.  We are spending our energy doing activities and hanging with people that basically annoy us but we are too indifferent to make any changes.  This indifference, this lack of intent, is what I would like to change in the world.

Imagine a world where you were intentional in the activities you engaged in.  Imagine, when you participated in something you asked yourself:

  • Do I like engaging in this activity?
  • Is it serving me, my life or someone I loves’ life by participating?
  • Is this event engaging in one of my values?

By living a life with intent, we engage in activities we enjoy and serve our higher values, we give to others and gain from others in a way that makes us feel fulfilled, and we are aware of our thoughts, feelings and needs so we can more readily add to our lives that which makes us happier.

On a basic level, living with intention allows us to have activities and people who add to our lives in a meaningful way.  And on a deeper level, allows us to engage in activities and people in deeper more complex ways.  When we are intentional about not just the words we say but the meaning behind them we can communicate and engage with more authenticity and depth.

The kicker is that living with intention is hard (at least initially).  Living with intention requires honest, radical honesty. It requires clarity, vulnerability, patience and guts.  Living with Intention requires getting out of your comfort zone, off the treadmill and really engaging in that which makes your heart sing. For many people, intent is a new muscle and any time you move a new muscle you get sore.  You might shock some people, and bewilder others; it is all part of the process, my friend.

When you are living with intention your world opens up and you are fully feeling everything, you don’t need to numb and disconnect because you are actually ENJOYING the activities and people you with whom you are engaging.  Doesn’t that just sound amazing?!?!?!

So now it’s your turn–what is one change you would like to see in the world?  It can be the world as a whole, or your small microcosm of the world.

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