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Living on the Edge

Back from vacation. We had an amazing trip, and now I am attempting to settle back into life as usual.

One of the things I love about vacation is that it pulls you out of your regular everyday routine. I am not a risk taker by nature, I like to THINK I am, but I tend to be more of a play it safe, good wholesome girl who follows the rules (real or imagined).  This is a running joke between me and my nearest and dearest who tends to be a break the rules kind of guy.  On vacation I was a bit more of a risk taker, climbing up the stone wall at the pool, wearing slinkier outfits, just not always playing by the rules.  We had the running joke that I was ‘living on the edge’ on this vacation–even shortened it to be LOTE and when I would do something slightly daring my nearest and dearest would cry out “lote, lote.”

It was a cute inside joke, but it also got me thinking about how easy it is to get stuck in a rut.  Many of the ‘lote’ things I would do weren’t that crazy not like base jumping or running naked through the resort.  They were minor shifts in my thinking or my behavior.  What was amazing was how those minor shifts were so freeing–so perspective changing.

We don’t always have to follow the rules.  Many times we have just made up the rules, or they don’t apply anymore.  It is my belief these rules keep us stuck, stuck in a rut, stuck in negativity, stuck in closed thinking.  Rules such as ‘be a good girl’ and ‘don’t stand out’ are so vague and general they are hard to follow.  But try as I might I am constantly trying to follow those rules, when I ‘broke them’ on vacation the heavens didn’t open up, the hotel guards didn’t get me.  In fact, many times my bliss and joy from engaging in the rule-breaking behavior showed up on the faces of those around me.  So I decided today as I shift back into the real world I am going to pay attention to my rules, the rules that keep me stuck, that keep me from Living on the Edge of my life, my passion, my personality.

So today I challenge you to pay attention to your ‘rules.’  What rules do you follow unnecessarily? What rules do you have that don’t serve you anymore? What is keeping you from living on the edge of your life?

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