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Living Happier Through the Holidays: How do you Want to Feel?

Holiday Snowflakes

I love the holidays.  Every year I say I am going to take time to really enjoy them and before I know it they are gone. This year I am making a commitment to myself to stop, pause and really enjoy this time of year.  As part of that commitment throughout this season, I am going to be writing specifically about Living Happier in the Holidays: my struggles, thoughts, and  tips for the holidays. I would love for this to be a conversation so please share in the comments or via email any questions, struggles, thoughts or tips you might have. 

I hear it time and time again. I even say it to myself:

“This year the holidays are going to be different.”

“This year I want to REALLY enjoy the holidays.”

“This year I won’t get caught up in the commercialism and drama of the holidays”

So rather than just saying it THIS year it is going to be different.

We all know we want the holidays to be different. We all know we want to REALLY enjoy them.  The question I want to ask you is how does that look? How does that feel?  What does different mean to you?

Doing more decorating or decorating less.
Maybe giving back more through volunteering or collecting gifts for others.
Making more holiday cookies or not making holidays cookies this year.
Attending less holiday parties–or making an effort to be more social.
Spend less money on gifts or being more intentional about gift giving.
Spend less time with extended family–or more time with extended family

If you could design your ideal holidays what would it look like to YOU?

For now just dream.

Just ponder how you want to feel throughout the holidays.







Write it down. Own you feelings and in the posts coming up we will be talking about how you can have a holiday that FEELS good to you.  How this holidays CAN be different?

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  How do you want your holidays to feel?  What do you want them look like? How do you want them to be different this year? How do you want them to stay the same?

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