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Living Happier Through Clean Water

This blog is dedicated to living happier.  Most of the time we talk about values, feelings, needs and passions.  Today I want to go back to basics a bit.  Last month, I attended the World Domination Summit and heard Scott Harrison talk about the amazing organization he founded called CharityWater. The sole purpose of this organization is bringing clean, healthy water to the countries of Africa.  The way this organization does it differently is that for every dollar you spend they track it specifically to a water project.  So you can give $20 and then follow on-line the exact well in Africa that your $20 is helping build.

Imagine walking for 4-8 hours every day just to bring water to your family.  And not even clean water. You walk up to 8 hours a day to bring brown, muddy, disease filled water to your family. Once you have the water you then have to decide what do you use it for food? hydration? cleaning?  I talk here a lot about doing the work you love and filling your days with activities you enjoy so it struck me to think about the women and children of Africa carrying water jugs on their backs for 4-8 hours a day!!  I mean honestly, I get frustrated when I have to DRIVE 30 minutes to get my groceries in a climate controlled car.

The work of CharityWater is to eliminate this trek.  Their goal is to bring clean fresh water to the villages so that the women and children have access to clean water AND access to their time again.

2 stories that Scott shared during his talk stuck with me:

One the story of a woman who had made the daily water treks and when they received the well.  She greeted the CharityWater founders in full dress.  She embraced them and said that not only had the water helped them feel better physically but also she finally had her self back.  She was finally able to bathe and look good.  Showing that we all need to feel good about ourselves.  We all need to be nourished and fed and we all need to feel like we matter in the world. When she was able to do other things then just fetch water that she knew was still unfit for her family. When she was able to give them clean healthy water and they could drink and bathe life was good. You can read her story here.

The second story was told to Scott by a man from another village.  He told of a woman who walked 8 hours (4 hours to the nearest water source and 4 hours back) every day to gather water using a large container made of clay.  One day as she made her way into her village with the jug on her back, she tripped and fell, causing the jar to fall to the ground and bust open water running everywhere.  Exhausted, frustrated and hopeless that night, the woman hung herself.

So why am I sharing about a charity on my blog?  I believe Living Happier means giving back. I believe Living Happier means opening our hearts.  I believe Living Happier is about having new perspectives and a global outlook.  I believe CharityWater is helping people all over the world Live Happier.

Check out the video below to learn more about the amazing work of CharityWater.


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