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Living Happier: So Simple Yet So Hard


We all want to:

feel less anxiety

be happier.

stress less.

silence our inner critic.

have healthy boundaries

end the day feeling energized and refreshed.

At times we are guilty of:

being judgmental vs. accepting

reacting instead of accepting

acting out of fear

being less than honest with ourselves and others.

So we end up:

spending the day running from thing to thing.

starting the day with coffee and ending it with alcohol.

eating a box of chocolates after we get some bad news.

picking a fight with our spouse rather than speaking our needs.

lying to our co-worker because we would rather not go to an event.

flirting with the guy at the bar because we are angry at our partner.

Rather than:

taking time to meditate, breathe deeply and ground throughout the day.

asking our partner to make dinner for you because you are too tired tonight.

admitting to the PTA mom that we just don’t have time to join right now–and not feel guilty about it.

calling a friend and tell them we are having a bad day and need some support.

making a smoothie for breakfast because we feel so much better.

taking a walk after a frustrating meeting.

Want to Live Happier?

Each day do a little more from the last column then you did the day before.  It is really that simple and it is really that challenging.  Our lizard brain, primal instinct whatever you want to call it keeps us from engaging in the activities that will help us Live Happier.

Living Happier isn’t rocket science–but it is a practice, each and every day. A practice of putting yourself first, celebrating your victories, and being grateful. It is a practice of being curious when you act out, and reminding yourself that today you are doing the best you can with what you have and tomorrow (or someday) you will do better.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  What is one thing you can commit to in order to Live Happier? What do you struggle the most with when it comes to Living Happier?

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