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Living Happier in the Mundane

There is much talk about living your big amazing dream.  Setting out and taking on the world, being bold, being daring, and being adventurous.  And yes–it is amazing to take a risk, do something daring and crazy! To take a trip, move across the country, get married or get divorced.  And then, there is life.  Everyday messy, take out the trash, make the coffee, and do the laundry and the dishes life. It is here in this monotony in this boredom that we can get stuck.  It is here where life is routine, boring and predictable that we get into trouble. It is here that we forget to Live Happier.

Yes, we hear of people who sell all their possessions and travel around the world.  My inbox is full of blogs from writers who are living their big bold dreams:  traveling, farming, starting businesses, doing what seems to be BIG AND AMAZING stuff and living a BIG BOLD LIFE.  Yep, sometimes I look at them with envy and think the grass might be greener and then I remember, it isn’t so much the choice they made sell everything and move to Zimbabwe that makes their life extraordinary it is the fact that they saw possibility in their life.

It is in the possibility to see our lives differently that Living Happier occurs.  It is seeing the possibility in the mundane.  In negotiating who is going to take out the trash and whose turn it is to empty the dishwasher.  In going to the grocery store or walking the dog.

I would argue that it is in the everyday stuff that the magic happens. These are the time when we can smile laugh and be joyful.

If you can negotiate the mindless, figure out how to handle the mundane with love and happiness, you can live happier. 

We waste so much time waiting for our big bold adventure to begin.  But you know what?? This is YOUR life.  Yep, you are living it.  As the quote goes–there is no dress rehearsal.  If you can make the mundane tasks of your life joyful and fun, it changes the whole energy of your life.  Your life begins to feel more like the big bold adventure you want it to be.

So today the challenge is how can you live happier through your everyday tasks?

How can you:

make breakfast or dinner more enjoyable?

negotiate the morning routine, so there are more laughter and fewer tears?

answer the inevitable ‘what’s for dinner question?’ and into a game? (let each family member have a night, or use wheel of fortune as inspiration, or pick it out of a hat)

turn being stuck in traffic into a chance to perfect lip syncing to your favorite song?

have the grocery store become a chance to see how many people you can make eye contact with or make smile?

turn a day of errands into random acts of kindness day and see how many random acts you can do it one day?

take the mundane tasks of your life and shape them into the big bold adventure they deserve to be?

I know this is out of the box thinking–but when we can turn start living the mundane through new eyes, then we open our lives up to more adventure and more happiness.  I believe if you can live your everyday life with adventure and daring then when opportunities comes for adventure and daring you will be ready for it!!

This is YOUR life–why not live happier??


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