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Living Happier in a Quick Fix Society

self compassion

Let’s face it, life moves fast.  All day long there are millions of pieces of information flying at us on how to be better, more successful and of course happier.   There is so much talk of instant gratification, fad diets, quick fixes, and fast money.  And with all the fast moving, instant messaging, snap chatting there is a push back.  A yearning for quiet, meditation, simple pleasures. and enjoying the little things.  These 2 polarities are ever present in our lives.

On one hand, we know in order to really engage with life and live happier we need to disconnect and on the other hand, we know that society and our mongers are telling us to keep up, get stuff done and be successful.  It is enough to make even the most calm person anxious (heaven forbid, you already struggle with anxiety!). So, what are we suppose to do?

What are we suppose to do when we KNOW that

getting quiet and really listening is the key. And yet, we are afraid of the answers that might come forth?

living a life based on our values is life changing and a key to living happier. And yet, living our values might piss off a lot of people. Living our values might cause some major upheaval in our lives?

meditation and mindfulness is the #1 way to decrease anxiety. And yet, sitting in that quiet is almost more scary than having a heart attack?

speaking our needs and setting healthy boundaries is important.  And yet, sometimes the push back is just too exhausting?

admitting we aren’t as perfect as we appear and we don’t have it all together is important to living happier.  And yet, we are scared to death be that vulnerable?

I believe we are suppose to do three things: 

Give yourself a break.  Understand that living happier, decreasing anxiety and being authentic aren’t going to happen over night. They aren’t a quick fix.  They are life long practices and there are going to be days that you don’t want to engage in the practice.  Reminder yourself THAT IS OK.  Tomorrow is another day.

Show up.   Shut down the auto-pilot mode and show up for your life.  Notice when you are feeling anxious. Notice when the “and yet” is raising its ugly head. Notice when you are running into old patterns. Notice when you are looking for the ‘easy out’.  Just Notice. Show up and be imperfect.

Ask for help.  We can’t do this stuff alone.  We can’t live happier without the support of others.  Ask your trusted tribe to give you what you need to keep you on the path. Whether that be a kick in the butt, ‘I totally get it’ support, or words of wisdom.  Ask for help.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  Do you struggle with the quick fix vs the slow process of life?  Where does anxiety show up for you?

This practice is why I started the Live Happier Loft because we can’t do it alone.  We need the support of others.  I wanted to create a safe space where we could gather and talk about these challenges. It is not a space of quick fixes or easy answers and yet, it is a space where you can take off the masks, stop the hustle and settle into the practicing self compassion, showing up and asking for help.  If you haven’t checked out the loft–I invite you to do so.  You can find a list of events simply by clicking here.

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