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Living Happier during the Holidays

Live Happier during the HolidaysI love the holidays.  Every year I say I am going to take time to really enjoy them and before I know it they are gone. This year I am making a commitment to myself to stop, pause and really enjoy this time of year.  As part of that commitment throughout this season, I am going to be writing specifically about Living Happier in the Holidays: my struggles, thoughts, and  tips for the holidays. I would love for this to be a conversation so please share in the comments or via email any questions, struggles, thoughts or tips you might have. 

Next week is Thanksgiving!  The official kick-off to the holidays.  In my family, Thanksgiving is merely the warm-up to Christmas when we REALLY celebrate. But as I have gotten older I embrace the peace and gratitude of the Thanksgiving holiday.

The holidays are about slowing down, connecting with ourselves and others and embracing the love and peace of living happier.  For many people, the holidays are about drama, criticism, family turmoil, who is going where and who is bringing what. We get so caught up in the drama and the tradition of it all we lose sight of what the holidays really mean to us.   This year I challenge you to rise above all the drama. (I admit WAY easier said than done)

Over the next few weeks, I will be diving into each one of these questions/tips on a much deeper level.

Start Early.  Ok so a week before Thanksgiving probably isn’t early enough. But it is better than Thanksgiving day. All of these tips require awareness, mindset shifts and planning on your part. Doing things differently requires some thought on your part so start now in making those changes.

Have a Plan. In order to have a happier holiday experience you need to have a plan for a. what you want and b. how you are going to get it.  Setting realistic limits. Preparing for how you are going to handle conflict or disappointment. Keeping expectations realistic.

What do YOU want? If you could have the holiday of your dreams what would it look like? If you knew you wouldn’t hurt anyone’s feelings, disappoint someone or cause grief how would you spend your holidays?

How do you want your holiday to feel like? Do you want to spend more time with your immediate family? Do you want to have less commitments?

What small changes can you make? You don’t have to change everything about the holidays just make small changes here and there.  Maybe saying No more often.

What boundaries are you going to need to set? Do you need to tell your mom no that you won’t spend the night this year. Do you need to tell your sister in law you enjoy making the pies? Do you need to say no to the neighbors annual party?

These questions are designed to get you thinking about how you can live happier over the holidays.  During the next few weeks I will dive into these topics on a deeper level.

I would love to hear from you in the comments:  What do you struggle with during the holidays?  What do you love about the holidays/ What do you struggle with about the holidays?

One Response to Living Happier during the Holidays

  1. Due to circumstances I won’t go in to, I will be unable to host my usual Thanksgiving dinner for family and friends. Rather than get bent out of shape I am going to relax for a change, consider my yes’s & no’s for any invites that might come my way, and name one thing (at least) each day for which I am grateful. It has been a year of abundant blessings, and I am looking forward and enjoying the “not” hosting as a new adventure.