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Live Happier Tip: Move your Body

Yes, we are back to basics this week for the Live Happier Tip: Move your Body.  Before you freak out about lack of time, no money to join a gym etc.  I am not talking about engaging in a 2 hour daily workout (if you enjoy that and want to do that I say Rock On!-but it’s not for everyone) I am just saying move your body (stretch, dance, walk) .  One of the keys to Living Happier is to have some awareness below the neck.  One of the best ways to do that is to move your body.

I am a big fan of exercise in general, it decreases my anxiety, it makes me more aware of my body, it strengthens my muscles and keeps my heart healthy.  But I recognize that not everyone has the time, or the desire to hit the gym or the treadmill every day.  I am all about being rational and practical and working with what you have.  Maybe working out every day is unrealistic but you can still move your body.  You can add little rituals into your day that allow you to increase awareness in your body.  Body awareness allows us to feel when we are stressed, tired, anxious, etc.

Ritual examples include:

  • Take 5 minutes to stretch every morning when you get out of bed or before you hop in the shower.
  • Put on some good dance music and dance while you do chores (e.g. cook dinner, do laundry, wash dishes, clean the house)
  • Do some simple stretches each time you sit at your desk
  • Take a walk around your office building during lunch
  • Take a walk around your block after you eat dinner
  • Park in the furthest spot possible and walk to the store.
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • While you are watching TV do some stretches during the commercials if you are really motivated do sit-ups or push-ups.

Each of these take 5 minutes and are simple ways to add movement into your day.  As you begin to be more aware of your body you become more aware of what your bodies needs.  Maybe your back is tight and you realize you need to stretch more or you need a massage.  Maybe your legs hurt and you realize you need new shoes.  The point is moving our body is good for our health both mentally and physically. So this week add a little body movement into your day and I promise it will help you Live Happier.

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