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Live Happier Tip: Lessons Learned from My Cat

The other day I was watching my cat, Pooh and I realized–she has the life!  Talk about knowing how to Live Happier!  I was thinking if she knew how to talk, or if I knew how to understand her, I bet she would have some fabulous tips for us on how to Live Happier. So I decided to do a post–an ode to Pooh if you will (don’t worry–soon I will be doing an Ode to Mocha my dog).

Pooh’s Live Happier Tips:

Speak your needs.   Pooh is not very vocal (one of her finer features I might add) so when she cries it is usually because she needs something.  The two basics are love or food.  I know when she has a need and she has no problems expressing it.  Pooh is not going to sit quietly by while I forget to pet her or feed her–she will let it be known that she is NOT happy whether it be 3am or 3pm.  Pooh has developed the perfect balance–she is neither too needy nor a victim to her life she just speaks her need, and therefore it gets met.

Take care of the basics: eat, sleep, stay clean.  I think my cat would say, keep it simple stupid. The key is in the basics.

Cuddling makes you feel better. Wherever there is a lap Pooh is laying on it.  She immediately knows when I have laid down to take a nap, or when I have sat down to watch TV, even when I am sitting working on my computer.  She has taught me that nothing is as healing as cuddling up and touching a living thing.  She always senses when I am sick or sad, and she is there silently letting me know that cuddling heals all wounds.  It is true; we could all use a little more cuddle.

Sometimes you just need to hide. Now and then Pooh will go into hiding–I will find her in a closet, under the bed or burrowed under the covers.  She has taught me that occasionally you need to shut out the world, cover up and do a little reconnecting with self.  She isn’t ashamed or embarrassed or the least bit apologetic when I find her–if anything she is annoyed that I have interrupted her much needed regrouping time.

Be brave from time to time. I live in a house divided–my cat lives upstairs and my dog lives downstairs. This is mostly by Pooh’s design.  She is very scared of Mocha.  However, occasionally she will branch out, make her way down the steps and creep across the living room floor for some cuddle time.  I never quite know what inspires this stealth maneuver–but it happens.  Each time it does I am so proud of her.  She is branching out.  Another great lesson, showing the importance of being brave–there is a time to hide and there is a time to branch.

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