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Live Happier QA: Staying in the Present Moment

Live Happier QA is back!!  I took a few months off–but I had so many good questions that needed to be answered so here we go!!

Today’s Live Happier QA is from Marie and she asks;

“Everyone I read, including you, says to be happier I need to stay in the present moment but how do I sustain being there? “

Present moment awareness is an amazing gift and very challenging to sustain!!  Check out my answer to Marie below.

Do you have anything you would add about your journey with present moment awareness? Is it something you struggle with?  Are there any practices you have implemented that help you?  Please join the discussion below.

Watch this episode below or click HERE to watch, if you are reading this via email.

For previous episodes visit the Live Happier Q&A channel on Vimeo

Live Happier QA Present Moment Awareness from Nancy Jane Smith on Vimeo.


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