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Live Happier QA: Losing a Job Over the Holidays

Today’s Live Happier QA is from Melissa and she asks;

“I just lost my job. Can I do a job search over the holidays? How do I handle this?”

Losing a job is hard any time of the year, but especially over the holidays.

Check out the tips I have for Melissa below. And for more information on the topic, check out the link to the news segment I mention in the QA video.

Do you have anything you would add?  Are you struggling to figure out what comes next as well?  Feel free to leave add a comment below!!

Watch this episode below or click HERE to watch, if you are reading this via email.

For previous episodes visit the Live Happier Q&A channel on Vimeo

Live Happier QA Doing a Job Search over the Holidays from Nancy Jane Smith on Vimeo.


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