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Live Happier QA: How to stop saying yes, when you mean no.

Live Happier QA is back!!  I took a few months off–but I had so many good questions that needed to be answered so here we go!!

Today’s Live Happier QA is from Christina and she asks;

“I am already over-booked, but I have a hard time saying no to people, any thoughts?”

Saying no is something we were not taught to do, in fact for many of us we were told it was rude and unmannerly.  Learning how to say no can be very freeing. Check out my simple trick for learning how to say no.

Do you have anything you would add about your journey with present moment awareness? Is it something you struggle with?  Are there any practices you have implemented that help you?  Please join the discussion below.

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Live Happier QA I have trouble saying no from Nancy Jane Smith on Vimeo.

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