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Live Happier QA: How can I let go of the need to always do it ‘right’?

Welcome to Live Happier QA Thursday. Today’s question comes from Susan:

“I keep obsessing about doing it “right” how can I can be happy with “just good enough”?”

So often we get stuck in the right way of doing things (another version of perfectionist syndrome) when in reality 99% of the time there is not a ‘right’ way.

Watch my tips for Susan on letting go of this need to get it right.

What about you? Do you have to ‘get it right’? Is it something you want to change? How have you learned to let go of being ‘right’?

Please join the discussion below.

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For those of you who missed last week’s Live Happier QA due to a technological snafu (I realized later that it was only 1 second long) I wanted to repost that video and question below.  Enjoy!  I totally apologize for the mistake.

Today’s question comes from Missy:

“Back in the day, I use to be fun, I feel like since I had kids, I lost myself, how can I find me again?”

I think as we get older, take on more responsibilities and add more ‘stuff’ into our lives it is easier to lose ourselves.  We are so good at taking care of everyone else we forget to care for ourselves!!

Check out my answer to Missy below and the tips I have for getting her fun back.

Watch this episode below or click HERE to watch, if you are reading this via email.

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2 Responses to Live Happier QA: How can I let go of the need to always do it ‘right’?

  1. I love that you wanted to make a sandwich perfectly. So something I would do. “Forget the big stuff, I can’t even make a sandwich right!”

    I have been trying to build awareness of the conflicting expectations that often come with perfectionism (says Brené Brown.) My sandwich is supposed to be filling but low-carb/calorie, with gourmet, organic but affordable ingredients, on whole-grain but maybe gluten-free bread, etc etc. Oh! and it should look nice but don’t spend too much time thinking about it. Don’t be a weirdo who obsesses about sandwiches.

    It doesn’t always work right away (and sometimes, it doesn’t work at all!) but I’m finding that teasing apart and identifying those conflicting expectations, even on something seemingly simple like a sandwich, can help me to overcome perfectionism.

  2. Thank you for pointing out such a KEY factor in perfectionism. I can so relate to that angst over a freakin’ sandwich! Imagine the angst about an issues that has triggered shame or anxiety and the tendency for perfectionism becomes 1000 fold. Teasing apart what is really going on can help us release the handcuffs of a losing proposition.