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Live Happier QA: Any tips for dealing with my anxiety?

Today’s we are doing Live Happier QA a little different.  Last week I answered Beth’s question about passing on anxiety to your kids.  Beth emailed me this week and said:

“Thanks for the answer, we have implemented some of your tips.  Now, how can I reduce my own anxiety? Any tips?”

Absolutely!!  I have tips!!  So I decided to push Beth’s follow-up question up to the front of the line and do a Part 2 to the whole anxiety issue.

Anxiety, is something I deal with in my own life and definitely something I help clients with.

Check out my answer to Beth’s question below and the easy, quick ways to help decrease anxiety.  Just a heads up, overcoming anxiety is a process so be patient with yourself in implementing these tips.

What about you? How does anxiety play a role in your life?  Have you noticed this problem in your own world?  How do you deal with your anxiety?

Please join the discussion below.

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One Response to Live Happier QA: Any tips for dealing with my anxiety?

  1. Nearest and dearest says:

    Great to see you putting yourself out there, you look smashing and successful once again.