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Live Happier QA: Accepting Compliments and Praise

Today’s Live Happier QA is from Melanie and she asks;

“Do you have any tips for how to become more skilled at accepting compliments or praise?”

I believe deflecting or dismissing compliments hurts our ability to live happier for 2 reasons:

  1. it cuts us off from the person offering the compliment
  2. it is usually a sign we are feeling unworthy or undeserving of positive reinforcement.

Check out my answer to Melanie’s question below.

What about you? Do you have problems with accepting compliments?  Is it something you have gotten more skilled at?  How?

Please join the discussion below.

Watch this episode below or click HERE to watch, if you are reading this via email.

Live Happier QA Accepting a Compliment from Nancy Jane Smith on Vimeo.

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