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Live Happier Daily Challenge–Wrap Up

I want to send a heart felt thank you to everyone who participated in the Live Happier Daily Challenge!  We each experienced some wonderful moments and you can see them here in this short slide show that I did of some of the pics and moments expressed. Watch it here to watch if you received this via email.

Over the course of this challenge here are some things I have learned and/or enjoyed:

1. Living Happier is about being intentional AND it is also about community.

2. Without the support and love of those around us we CANNOT Live Happier.

3. Even though I pride myself on being intentional around Living Happier, it was still a challenge. There were days I had to really THINK about it (especially the days I had a bad head cold).

4.  It was fun to hear how other people had chosen to Live Happier that day.  To see the photos or read their thoughts.  It always made me smile.

5.  Living Happier is contagious.

I also wanted to congratulate Jessica–who was the lucky winner of a copy of my free e-course So, What Comes Next?  Congrats Jessica and thanks for sharing your Live Happier Moments!!

What did you learn from the Live Happier Daily Challenge?  Did it help you Live Happier?  Was it challenging? Will you continue with it?

I have vowed to continue the challenge via Instagram (username NancyJaneSmith) and share my Live Happier photos there (and occasionally on Facebook too!)

Here’s to Living Happier each and every day!!

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