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Little Things

Thanks to Lindsey Mead and Ali Moore for the great reminder that the joys of life come in the little things.

Kissing my nearest and dearest on the cheek before I crawl out of bed and hearing a sleepy “i love you” coming through the darkness.

The game my cat and I play each morning as she insists on having the bathroom door open and I insist on keeping it closed–guess who always wins.

Greeting my dog each morning–sometimes she is standing at the bottom of the stairs waiting for me…sometimes she hasn’t woken up yet and I find her curled up all warm and snuggly in her bed.

That first cup of coffee.

Feeling the crisp cold air on my face as I reach out to get the paper.

Catching a glimpse of the sunrise while standing on the heating vent.

The hug my nearest and dearest gives me after he gets up.

Knowing Friday mornings are my mornings to sleep in–ah! no alarm.

Those are just my little things since waking up this am—just in the past 90 minutes I found 8 legitimate parts of my life I am thankful for!! I have to say it was an amazingly fun experience to look back on my morning and see the little fun things that make up my day.

Try it—throughout the day pick a random time and look back and name all the little things you are thankful for–maybe there will be 2 maybe 22.  Regardless I believe it is a fun experiment to see our lives from a minuscule perspective from time to time to see what we have and are thankful for.  Rather than constantly striving for the big picture and looking at what we lack.

Enjoy this wonderful experiment and as always feel free to share in the comments!!

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