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Lessons Learned at 42


Today I have been on the planet for 42 years.  It amazes me how birthdays have changed over the years. Don’t get me wrong I have always loved my birthday–I mean who doesn’t? In my 30s, I through myself amazing parties. I was all about the friends, the dancing, the partying late into the night.

Now I value the pizza and cake with my parents and my nearest and dearest. The shared margaritas and $3 tacos in a quiet corner at a local bar. The quick yet yummy breakfast with my mom and the surprise visit of my FIL and brother with cards and gifts.  I am looking forward to a weekend of good conversations and meals as we visit our dear friend who married us and do some snow skiing in Colorado.

I remember waking up on my birthday hoping for BIG surprises and a life changing day.  For which, I confess I was usually disappointed. The day doesn’t hold as much MAGIC and SPARKLE as it use to but rather a soft feeling of a warm comfy sweater.

I would say that is true of my life too.  While my life use to be about What big thing is next?!? What life changing event might happen next? I now think in terms of smaller more comfortable victories. A night on the couch with my nearest and dearest, having a quality conversation with my dad, laughing with my mom on the phone, enjoying a glass of wine with a friend, receiving a complimentary email from a client.  The little things have so much more meaning then ever before.

I guess that is a part of growing older.  Tragedies occur, perspective is given and we learn to hunker down and value that which in our youth didn’t seem as fleeting.  Most definitely there are times I miss that excitement and grand possibility that existed in my younger years. But mostly I am grateful for the more quiet passion in knowing what matters to me. I love that I am clear on what I value and able to notice all the little nuances that I missed in my youth.

I am grateful for all my 20s and 30s taught me.  I am grateful for what I still have to learn in the years to come. Mostly I am grateful for the people who are on this grand journey with me.

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