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Just Be.

Just Be.

I really enjoy the concept of a word/theme for the year.  It feels so much more expansive than one particular resolution.  A word can apply to a variety of situations.  Last year, my theme was I am enough and that continues to be a theme in my life and in fact influenced my 2014 theme. This year I had a challenge coming up with my theme.  I wanted it to encompass the idea of Trusting Yourself, Feeling Centered and Grounded but none of those words fit.  Then finally it hit me as I was driving one day:


So far I have repeated this mantra quite frequently.

Just Be as I struggle through a workout (getting back in shape is TOUGH). A reminder that I am strong and powerful and giving back to my body and being present to the joy and pain of it all is a gift to myself.

Just Be in my work each and every day.  A reminder to show up, be myself, let go of comparison and put my best work out there.

Just Be as I make my way through the grocery store. A reminder that even though I have 1000 things I want to check off my list right now I am here and being present to the right now makes life more pleasant.

Just Be right before I work with a client. A reminder to me that just being present to another person’s story is a true gift.

Just be right where I am in whatever mood I happen to be.  Just be present to whatever is happening. It is a freeing concept. One might argue that by just being I am not growing or changing.  When in fact the complete opposite is happening.  When I practice “just be” I am more aware of myself and others around me. I am growing/shifting/changing because my awareness is pinpointed down to the present moment. I have taken more risks and been more vulnerable all by simply being.

I would love to hear from you in the comments: What do you think about the word of the year idea?  What word might you pick? Thoughts/Opinions on my word?

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