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It’s Ok to Ask for Help.

Earlier this week I was faced with an extremely stressful crisis.  I can distinctly remember at one point saying to myself you are too young to deal with this situation. It was as if for 30 seconds my 39-year-old self-was taken over by an 8-year-old.  And then I calmly reminded myself that I am actually 39 years old and I can figure this situation out, by taking one step at a time and asking for help as needed.  And so I did–put one foot in front of the other, reached out for help and received a number of hands to hold and sage advice to help me.

Too often we try to muddle through alone.  We try to do it by ourselves and not ask for help.  Too often we don’t want to be a burden, anyone, appear weak or are downright afraid to reach out for help.  Regardless if it is something as immediate as a medical emergency or as frustrating as a career change–asking for help is paramount.  We need other people, we need support, we need to say “I don’t know what to do here,” and we need to be able to pause, breathe and listen to ourselves and other people.

When that little voice rose up inside of me this week it was familiar I had heard it before in times of crisis, time of facing my fear monger.  I knew it was scared and unsure and looking for an easy way out.  As a child, we had the opportunity just to go limp, let someone else handle the situation and make the important decisions, as an adult that rarely happens. When we do get stuck, lost or confused–we still have to be responsible and aware, so even more so that we need to know how to ask for help, get advice and support and make an informed decision.

If you are struggling with what comes next in your life or career–it is ok to ask for help.  To go to friends, family, and professionals like myself to ask for help in determining your ideal direction.  I know for me while asking for help can be challenging, I have never regretted reaching out.

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