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It’s NOT About the Economy.

If one more person tells me “I can’t look for a new job, the economy sucks”.  I might just scream.  Yes, the economy is bad, the stock market is volatile,  people have lost their retirement funds and unemployment is high.  I agree if you have a job be thankful.  If you are unhappy in your job–start looking.  Yes, I said, ‘start looking’ meaning explore, get curious, check out what is out there and what you might enjoy doing.   I am not saying go into your boss and quit tomorrow because you read this blog.  I am saying stop using the economy as an excuse to not explore what else is out there that might make your heart sing.

The ‘economy sucks’ excuse keeps us safe and secure and risk free. It keeps food on the table and a shelter over our head (all needed and necessary items).   It also keeps us stuck in a job we dislike and too afraid to look into what else is out there.  It costs us nothing to explore what jobs are open on, what classes are available at the local college, what we value, what we are good at, or what we have always wanted to do.  There are 1,000s of ways to explore what makes our heart sing that cost next to nothing and don’t require quitting our current job. We can have curiosity around ourselves, the resources that are available and how we can take advantage of both for free!!   So it isn’t about the economy.

You know what it IS about?  Your fear.  It is that little tiny voice in the back of your head saying, you can’t be wrong AGAIN, you can’t do THAT,  what would mom think,  you are too stupid, lazy, or unqualified and on and on and on.  The reason we don’t explore what is out there is because that voice gets louder and louder and louder and makes us more and more uncomfortable until we just stay put, stay  trapped, stay in the so/so.  It is this fear monger, that constantly plays the message of ‘you can’t ______’ over and over.  It is so good we frequently can’t even identify it.  It is the fear monger that has come up with the wonderful excuse of the economy.  Fortunately these days we can convince ourselves it is the economy–a convenient excuse.

I know first hand the struggle clients are having in finding jobs because of the economy.  I watch my clients who are unemployed on a daily basis struggling with resumes, networking and cover letters. I also watch them have curiosity about themselves, and have the courage to face their fears.  They stare down the fear monger that has taken residence in their head and put one step in front of the other.  Looking for a job that will put food on the table while working towards the end goal of the career that allows them to work happier.

The first step in defeating the fear monger is recognizing its existence.  I guarantee you if you are saying to yourself “I can’t look for a new job the economy sucks” and aren’t taking any steps to make a change–you are in the presence of the fear monger.  So today let’s change the message: Stop blaming the economy and start facing your fear monger.

Today pay attention to your fear monger—-what excuse is it giving you to not take small/no cost steps towards working happier?

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