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You & Me Working Together

Does this sound familiar?

You wake up …..

You feel good because TODAY will be different. You started the day by doing some yoga and making yourself a smoothie. TODAY you are going to implement all those ideas you have been reading, today you say to yourself you WILL BE HAPPIER. You head downstairs, flipping through your phone as you go and you see your email is filled with messages that need an immediate response. From work to the to the last committee you signed up for everyone needs something NOW. Your quiet positive mood quickly fades as you realize…yet again you are going to be spending the day running for your life. By noon everything is out the window, you have only checked off two items on your to-do list, you have already yelled at your kids and fired off a nasty text to your husband.

All you want to do is take a nap and pack it in for the day but duty calls and you still have 5 more things to accomplish (let’s be honest 10 more things!) and figure out dinner…(I mean SERIOUSLY why does EVERYTHING fall on your shoulders! ugh!) As you make a last minute run to the grocery store, you think, ”Why can’t I be happier? I mean I SHOULD be happy…I have so many blessings.” You thought at this point in your life, you would be happy!! But you just feel like you run from thing to thing, never living up to expectations and no matter what you read you still get stuck in old patterns and behaviors.

Sometimes we look at our lives and wonder…how did I get here?

You are so tired of feeling like you are constantly behind and that there is always something to do.

Just ONCE you want to crawl into bed at the end of the day and feel GOOD about your life, yourself and what you have accomplished. More than that, though, you want to feel HAPPY.

Happiness. It’s one of those things that everyone works so hard to try and get, but it’s often elusive and hard to find. That’s because happiness is not what all the gurus say….

It isn’t about running around with your arms open and feeling blissed out all the time. It isn’t something you can achieve. You aren’t doing anything wrong. You have just been looking in the wrong place.

Happiness something you have to practice. It is something you have to work at, not a permanent destination. Don’t freak out. Finding happiness doesn’t have to be hard.

We can do it, together.

You and me working one-on-one so you can get clear on what you want out of your life so you can put down the guilt and live your life…happier.

Here’s the thing—happiness is a little overrated.

We are all looking to be happy yet, most of us don’t even know what happy means and so we buy books, follow gurus and go on a constant search for something we don’t even fully understand. Is happiness worth it?

Here how I define happiness:
  • Showing up for your life (not just running on autopilot all day letting guilt guide your life) so you can live with less drama and conflict.
  • Recognizing that you have choices. (you can say NO without guilt) so that you don’t end each day depleted and exhausted.
  • Being able to get out of your head and into your body so that you can experience regular peace throughout the day rather than a permanent sprint to the finish.
  • Getting a grip on your Monger (you know, that pesky voice in your head that tells you how much you are failing) so that you can take risks, stop procrastinating and just feel better.
  • Living comfortably in your skin, you won’t get snagged by every little defeat or challenge. You have the wisdom that life is messy and you walk the bumpy road of life savoring the joy that shows up even when there is pain.
Sound good?

Here’s the kicker and here’s why your previous attempts to ‘getting happier’ haven’t helped…

You can’t will yourself to be happier, and you can’t hustle yourself there either.

Happiness isn’t something you achieve it is something you work on each and every day.

I have been doing this work for over 15 years and I know the key to living happier is committed practice.

And it starts with: permission to be you. When you are honest with yourself and your life, you can then create space for growth. Working together we can start peeling back the layers of what is keeping you from showing up in your life. We can start to see the default beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.

Real change takes place when we:

  • look at the default beliefs and patterns that are keeping you stuck.develop practical baby steps for change
  • develop practical baby steps for change and practice those steps in the real world.
  • practice those steps in the real world.

Together we will be looking at the WHY of your issues as well as the SO, WHAT’S NEXT?

  • You want to make real change.
  • You are tired of living for everyone else, and you are ready to practice happiness.
  • You suspect that there is something more and something deeper required to make your life work, but you just aren’t sure what it looks like yet.

I can help.

  • If you want a quick fix. My philosophy is all about, making slow gradual, changes that last.
  • You only want to work in session. The key to this work is practicing it in the real world. If you aren’t willing to practice it change won’t happen.

Working with me is not your typical therapy where each week you come, and we sit and talk, and you go home, and then the next week we sit and talk and you go home, rinse and repeat ad nauseam. No, working with me is going to be focused, committed, change. There will be homework, ah-ha moments, tears and laughter.

This is more than just counseling. It’s life strategy. You have to be prepared to transform your life. I keep my client load small so I can work closely with each of my clients and dive deep.


14 meetings with Nancy Jane – biweekly (60 minute sessions)

  • Individual Sessions
  • “Walk & Talks” Meet while taking a walk in nature
  • Phone, text, and email support between sessions
  • Copy of my book, The Happier Approach, How to be Kind to Yourself, Feel Happier and Still Accomplish Your Goals.
  • Handouts, homework, assignments, tip sheets – solutions to specific situations, tokens of support
  • Blog and social media updates for connection and inspiration
  • $2,200 total payment (savings of over 10%)
  • 2 payments of $1,225
  • $410/month
  • $175/session

Ready to get started?

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  2. We will set up a time to chat on the phone and see if we would be a good fit.

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