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How to Experience Profound Happiness…

The video below has made it’s way around social media over the past few days.  I have watched it a couple of times, made my nearest and dearest watch it with me and wanted to share it with you.  I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend that you watch it.  Louis CK has eloquently summarized all of my teachings, blogs and countless hours with clients in a less than 5 minute interview answering the question why he won’t let his daughter get a cell phone.  Bottom line, you can’t be truly happy unless you get comfortable with feeling the true sadness in your life.  Unfortunately in our society we use COUNTLESS ways to distract ourselves–the worst culprit:  our cell phones.

I confess I have noticed it myself lately since I can’t drive (or walk) I am doing a lot more hanging out in the car while my husband runs in to grab something. Within 30 seconds of him leaving the car I am grabbing for my cell phone to distract myself.  Heaven forbid I should sit there and just be.  That just being is where life comes in where sadness and gratitude and the heaviness of life sneaks in.

So watch the video.  Please take the 4 minutes and 51 seconds  to watch the video. Click here if you are reading this via email.

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One Response to How to Experience Profound Happiness…

  1. Jane A Smith says:

    Loved the video! I need to just be SAD when I feel SAD! Hope those happy antibodies arrive!