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How Living Happier Saves Money

Due to the poor economy (which hopefully is improving soon), there is much talk about saving money. It got me thinking about how living happier can help us save money. So here are my top 3 ways living happier can help us save money.

Happiness Come in Simple Things
When we are living happier, we tend to notice the simple things and don’t have the need to spend a lot of money to entertain ourselves. Happiness comes from an evening on the porch watching our children play, or playing games as a family rather than going to the movies and spending a small fortune. Recently a group of my friends were hanging out and decided to play the old standard game of UNO. It was the most fun I have had in a lot of time. Laughing, sharing and best of all cheap!

Don’t Need to Fill the Void
When we are living happier, we are living from our genuine selves. As issues and conflicts come up, we face them head on and deal with them rather than stuff them down with food or alcohol. By learning how to live happier we are less likely to go outside of ourselves and look to outside sources which ultimately harm us to find happiness. When we are living happier, we learn all good things come in moderation and lose the need to eat, drink or smoke too much.

Need Less Stuff
Through living happier, we realize happiness doesn’t come when we find the perfect big screen or the best car. Happiness comes from within–not from buying more stuff. So when we live happier, we can decrease our spending on frivolous items. Don’t get me wrong–I enjoy my big screen HD TV–but it doesn’t complete my life or fill a void. When we look for things outside of ourselves to fill us up–it is like filling a bottomless pit. By living happier, we have less of a need to buy stuff for the sake of acquiring more stuff.

There you have it! When we live from a happier place, we naturally are living simpler which means we are spending less money.

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