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How Facebook is Normalizing Work Place Misery

I admit I am addicted to Facebook–for some reason I just really enjoy checking other people’s status’ seeing what they are up to.  I am not a big sharer about my status or what I am doing but I like to follow other people. (you can follow me here)  However, recently I have really noticed the trend of work place complaining.  More specifically the trend of celebrating workplace misery.

Around every water-cooler in America there has always been ‘a countdown to the weekend’ vibe.  But Facebook takes it to a whole new level.  Monday morning’s start out with the inevitable “I hate Mondays” status updates and then Wednesday is the traditional “welcome to hump day” messages and then Thursday and Friday have the “almost the weekend” messages.  When I really started paying attention to it I realized, we are a nation miserable at our jobs.  Not a huge realization mind you, but the part that really bothered me was how much Facebook normalizes that sentiment.  One of my friend’s laments how much they hate Monday morning and within 30 minutes 10 people are ‘liking’ that post.  Really, liking the fact that you are miserable in your job? Liking that fact that the main place you spend your time makes you miserable??  Liking that in all honesty only 2 days out of your week you are truly happy?

In essence Facebook is a place to gain support, share your victories and your misery but misery becomes the celebrated status quo I have to question it.  If someone repeatedly posted that they hated their wife/partner there would be an out cry of ‘do something about it!’ ‘stop complaining’ but for some reason in our society hating on your job is not only acceptable it is socially ‘cool’.

When you think about it we spend 40+ hours of our week at our jobs, that is 1,960 hours a year (assuming you take 2 weeks vacation and all the national holidays) and 78,400 hours over 40 years.  Almost 22% of our lives between the ages of 25 and 65 are spent at work.  Why would we want to be unhappy for 22% of our lives?

In all honesty, it’s not about posting status’ on Facebook it has nothing to do with Facebook.  It is paying attention to how we talk, what we complain about and how we can make it better.  If you find yourself counting down to the weekend, LIVING for Friday night, dreading Monday mornings it is time to make a shift.

Today I am writing to break the trance of common misery.  To break the cycle of not only being unhappy about what you are doing for a living but celebrating that fact with other people.  If you are unhappy in your work let’s take a look at that–let’s find something better to do, a better way to make money, a better way to spend 22% of your adult years.  Let’s find a way to make you work happier!!!

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